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Commercial contracts

We have considerable expertise in drafting and negotiating commercial agreements, including supply of goods and services, agency, construction and engineering contracts, joint venture agreements, concession and shareholders agreements

Construction & Infrastructure

We can assist with claim management and the settlement of disputes concerning construction and infrastructure projects, including by way of negotiation, arbitration, mediation and litigation.We have the capacity to advise clients on transactions relating to construction and infrastructure projects, Currently we are working on a Marondera MCM University Housing Development in Zimbabwe with mcmestates.com

Conveyancing and property law

We are involved in drafting, negotiating and closing transactions facilitating the business of real estate, including
• selling, buying, and leasing land, buildings, housing or any other interests in real estate;
• development and use of property and managing the state and local approval processes; and
• advice on the financing of large development projects.

Interllectual Property Registration

We advise around how best to protect the intellectual property that the client has or would like to develop. In trademark law, we conduct searches on trademarks proposed by the client and advise the client with respect to availability..In cases where a client has already invested time, energy and money, and a prior use in a similar industry is found, discussions with a client might include modifying or even abandoning the client’s mark.

Family Law

We handle a variety of matters including divorce, custody, child maintenance, guardianship and adoptions.

Separation & Divorce

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